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Japan BD International Staffing And Recruiting Co. Ltd. is a staffing service company that provides staffing and referrals in Japan.The Japanese economy is making a moderate recovery. Regarding the employment situation, the average national job seeker (average) in 2017 was 1.49, indicating an increase in the number of job seekers and a decrease in the number of job seekers….Since Japan has a low birth rate and an aging population, the working population is expected to decline in the future. In addition to the “Action Plan for Realizing Work Style Reform” by the Japanese government, many companies actively employ and utilize external labor forces such as temporary workers and outsourcing, and work long hours and labor shortages. Has been eliminated. As governments and companies intensify their work-style reform actions, the temporary labor industry is increasingly expected to improve the working environment to allow older people, young people, and parenting parents to have easy access to the labor market It is. In order to achieve “equal wages for the same work,” revisions to the Labor Contract Law, Part-time Worker Law, and Worker Dispatch Law are being considered. What the dispatched labor industry must do now is to review the working environment of the dispatched workers so that they are properly assigned, improve their skills, and realize the careers they have chosen. Growth and vitality that allows each worker to select a job opportunity that suits his / her lifestyle, create various opportunities to work with pride and joy, and make the most of his skills Aiming to create a society. The association is striving to achieve meaningful career development and stable employment for temporary employees, and hopes that this will contribute to the further development of Japan.

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This is because once you hire a Bangladeshi person, you will recognize that you can work more seriously than other foreigners.

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  • Quality of human resources
  • Professional and personal
  • stand up
  • Outstanding service
  • Place

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Even if you don’t bother to go to Bangladesh, you can secure excellent human resources who can speak Japanese at the Japanese language school we run.

Guarantee of Quality

We have a few number of workers, who are highly qualified and experienced workers with a good skills of Japanese language to hire for your company.

Excellence in Service

High visa accomplishment status can be accredited to a number of factors counting the quality of our services and our counsellors are experts in their field and also have professional experience


Since its establishment JBI has built up a very good reputation through its excellent services and in partnership with prestigious Universities/Colleges/ Company around the world. So consultation from JBI will boost your opportunities to get a proper worker in Japan.


The Head office of JBI is located near the Fukuyama Station Fukuyama, Hiroshima


1-35-7F,Daikokuchou Fukuyama-Shi
Hiroshima-Ken Japan


Tel : 084-983-2217

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